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While our tech team does require some technological savvy souls, that will not make or break you here! We will train anyone with a willing heart! Under the umbrella of tech team is livestream, sound, lights, and screens. It’s not as hard as it sounds!


NL coffee shop is a fully functional coffee bar. Upon your interest in serving we will train you in the ins and outs of coffee making. You’ll be a professional barista in no time! We will also train you on how to run the register and run the cash box.

IC 1.jpeg


This is an area where anyone and everyone can come for questions and concerns. Visitors will turn in their info card, request cards, sign up for events, and seek further detail on anything to do with the church. What do we need from you as a willing helper? A smile and a “I can figure this out” attitude!


This ministry has plenty of room to grow and become! At this time this ministry operates on a need basis. Primarily running on Wednesday nights, this is a huge blessing to those who do not have access to transportation for church attendance. No CDL required, but a big PLUS if you have one!

6. LifeCourts Photo.jpg


As an extension of New Life, this is considered one of our biggest outreaches in all of the ministry. A prestige double-full-court basketball facility with full volleyball capabilities, this sports complex hosts thousands of athletes (men, women, and children) on a weekly basis. We have needs from concession stand, gate, clocks, books, food program help, and just friendly faces.

Cute Baby Boy


We have a huge need in our nursery department. This is provided childcare for infants and toddlers aged six weeks to two years. If this type of childcare interests you we will reach out to you for further instruction.

Plumber at Work


We always have a job to do! From fixing doors to changing light bulbs it takes a lot of hands to keep a campus like ours in line! We need your help.


nl littles

An extension of our children’s ministry, ages three-five years old fall within our littles category. This environment is a team taught class  that is scheduled in advance for optimal notification. Weekly teachings are based off of curriculum that pairs with our NL bigs.


Nl bigs

This is our main children’s church environment featuring grades kindergarten-fifth grade. To run correctly we need five adults in each service. If you love kids this ministry will be the perfect fit for you.     


Just like it sounds. Help usher people to the sanctuary, to their seats, and when passing our offering buckets. This is a team setting. Each service typically needs a total of six ushers.


Quite possibly one of our most important areas of serving is greeting. A smiling face on guest's arrival can set the tone of their whole church experience. What do you need to serve in this area? Just smile and speak! Let Jesus shine through you.

Security Guard

sat team

We are ALWAYS looking for more people to serve on our SAT team. What would we do if someone had a medical emergency during service? What if our congregation’s safety was at risk? Our SAT team includes people with basic CPR/first aid training, Nurses, individuals with their LTC, and people who can be monitors to all coming onto campus. There are several SAT team members serving each service, with often times no one even knowing.

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