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Senior and founding pastors:
Dr. Anthony C. & Tammy Holder

Senior & Founding Pastors

Tony and Tammy Holder have been married for over 30 years. These high school sweethearts met at Trinity High School and began dating at age 15. At 18 years old they gave their hearts to the Lord together at the alter of a small church in Trinity. Pastor Tony enlisted in the navy not long after which lead them on a journey in the north-east doing everything from youth pastoring to working as a presidential lead for President George Bush Senior. In 1998 New Life Lufkin was born under their leadership, and bring us to today. Pastor Tony Holder has a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology, and Pastor Tammy Holder has a Masters in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology. They own three daycares in the East Texas area Kovenant Kids, Treehouse Academy, and Little Rascals Clubhouse. They also operate a sports facility and gym available for East Texans called LifeCourts. Together they have three adult children: Krista, Kaleb, and Kanaan, and five grandchildren: Parker, Holder, Lilli, Liam, and Adalyn.

Executive Pastors:
Alex and Latifah Fleniken

Alex and Latifah Fleniken have been married for twelve years. Alex has been on staff at New Life leading worship for 19 years. Latifah first attended the church after catching a ride on the church van at age nine, and officially stepped on staff in 2020 after many years of serving. The two fell in love while serving at New Life Lufkin, and have served side by side since. Alex pairs his love for ministry with work at St. Cyprian's Episcopal School where he serves as the I.T. and Operations Director and runs his small local business Handy Tech. Latifah is a registered nurse by trade, and uses her skills in the community as her time allows. Alex received his Bachelor of Biblical Studies at North Carolina College of Theology. Latifah received her Bachelor of Nursing from Stephen F. Austin State University, and her Master of Nursing - Nursing Education from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. Together they have two young daughters: Ellis Kate and Caroline.

Senior staff:
Alex Fleniken
Latifah Fleniken
Ruben & Mari Serna

Executive Worship Pastor

Executive Chief of Staff

Volunteer Ministry Pastors

Kenith Jackson
Eric Chinn
Lisa Johnson

Adult Ministries Pastor & LifeCourts


Multi-campus Coordinator & Table of Contents

Ministry Leaders: 
Amy Jo Looney
Cicely Adams
Tabatha Gault

Children's Coordinator

Head of Guest Services

Head of Outreach

Jed von Heimburg
Kenny Standridge
Gaye Standridge

Head of Maintenance 

Head of SAT

Head of Prayer

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Ike Ancira
Angela Barbey

Head of Ushers

Mid-week Nursery Coordinator

NL Circle Logo Black.png
Patrina Mitchell

Head of Women's Ministry

NL Circle Logo Black.png
NL Circle Logo Black.png
NL Circle Logo Black.png
Steve and Tanya Spivey
Debby Allen
Richard & Sabrina Jackson

Head of Life Connections

Head of Greeter

Head of Pathway Track

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